Fees & Charges

Summary of Fees and Charges

Request a Global Wallet Card Free
Request a Supplementary Card $10.00
Lost or Stolen Card Replacement Fee Free
Load Fee Free
Available Balance Enquiry Online Free
Available Balance Enquiry by SMS Free
Electronic Statements – on Website Free
Redemption of Available Balance Fee Free
Inactive Fee (Charged monthly after 12 months of inactivity) $1.00
Emergency Cash Transfer Fee (up to a maximum of $3000) $15.00
Foreign Exchange Fee (payable whenever a Card is used for a transaction in a currency other than AUD, other than when the transaction is completed by using the part of the Available Balance held in a Wallet in that foreign currency) 3% of the Australian dollar amount of the transaction
Transaction Dispute handling fee Free
Negative Balance fee Free
Card to Card transfer fee Free

International ATM Fees

Country Currency Withdrawal Fee* Balance Enquiry Fee*
Australia Australian Dollar (AUD) Free within Australia Free
Canada Canadian Dollar (CAD) 2.00 Free
European Union Euro (EUR) 1.50 Free
Great Britain Pound Sterling (GBP) 1.25 Free
Hong Kong Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) 15.00 Free
Japan Japanese Yen (JPY) 160 Free
New Zealand New Zealand Dollar (NZD) 2.50 Free
Singapore Singapore Dollar (SGD) 2.50 Free
South Africa South African Rand (ZAR) 20 Free
Thailand Thai Baht (THB) 60 Free
United States US Dollar (USD) 1.95 Free
Other than above Other than above 1.95 (AUD) Free

*ATM Operator Fees may also be charged by the ATM operator

This is not a comprehensive list of fees and charges. For a full schedule of fees, please see the Product Disclosure Statement.